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Collection of industrial and automotive catalysts

Inter-Metal is committed to environmental protection and certified under ISO 14001.

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Platinum group metals play an important role converting engines’ exhaust pollutants to water, CO2 and N – hence the name “converters” used often for automotive catalysts. By collecting obsolete converters and recycling platinum group metals we can further protect the environment by reducing the need for extractive mining.


When they become scrap catalytic converters should be treated as hazardous waste. Inter-Metal Recycling has the licences and legal authorisation for collecting scrap automotive catalysts.
After collection and warehouse pretreatment converters or decanned honeycomb monoliths are shipped to industry specialists where platinum group metals have been recycled in an environmentally safe technology.

Take-back service

We offer take-back service for garages and car dismantling ventures. Transport is free of charge while Inter-Metal Recycling offers per piece price for the converters. Our colleagues are at your disposal.

Gépjármű katalizátorok átvétele csepeli méh telepen

A huge amount of catalytic converters become obsolete since car catalysts need to be replaced every 3-4 years or after 100 thousands kilometer run. The increased consumption of fuel can be the indication that a converter is out of order.

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