Large scale WEEE processing by shredder technology

With ELDAN made ring-mill shredder we process high volumes of WEEE scrap, removing iron and aluminum to produce copper fractions ready for direct shipments for smelting. If needed, comminuted materials are processed further by Niagara-screens and a series of eddy-current separators.  Shredders do well the job when goods destruction is required.

alumínium hulladék aprítás sredderrel kalapácsos törővel
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Environmentally sound processing of cable scrap

We process cable scrap by means of an equipment line that consists of a prechopper, pre-granulator and Redoma fine-granulator. Metals and plastic are separated on a vibrating air table.

1300 tons of cable scrap can be processed yearly using this environmentally tender technology.

kábel hulladék feldolgozása daráló géppel
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