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Price list

You can find current scrap metal purchase prices here. The price list is constantly adjusted to world market prices.

Iron and steel scrap collection at Inter-Metal Recycling Kft

Purchasing process

Ferrous scrap is purchased from two primary sources, manufacturers who generate steel and iron, known as prompt or industrial scrap, and scrap dealers, peddlers, auto wreckers, demolition firms, railroads and others who generate steel and iron scrap, known as obsolete scrap. In addition to these sources, the Company purchases, at auction, furnace iron from integrated steel mills and obsolete steel and iron from government and large industrial accounts. Market demand and the composition, quality, size and weight of the materials are the primary factors that determine prices.

Depending on the material quality, the following processing technologies are used:

hydraulic machine shears

plate (0-3 mm), material to be sheared (3-6 mm), inter-production waste

flame cutting, chopping

not heavy, homogeneous

machine breakage

machine casting, household casting

The Company processes furnace iron, which includes blast furnace iron, steel pit scrap, steel skulls and beach iron. Large pieces of iron are broken down by the impact of forged steel balls dropped from cranes. The fragments are then sorted and screened according to size and iron content. Processed ferrous scrap is sold to end users, such as steel producing mini-mills and integrated steel makers and foundries, as well as brokers who aggregate materials for other large users. Ferrous scrap sales are accomplished through a monthly sales program.

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In 2019, Inter-Metal Recycling took over 45,000 tons of iron and steel scrap and shipped it for recycling.

The Company prepares ferrous scrap metal for resale through a variety of methods, including sorting, shearing, cutting, torching, baling, briquetting or breaking. It produces a number of differently sized and shaped products depending upon customer specifications and market demand. The scrap is separated for further processing according to its size and composition by using conveyor systems, crane-mounted electromagnets or claw-like grapples.

The ferrous material is sold to customer domestically or abroad.

Pieces of oversized ferrous scrap, such as obsolete steel girders and used drill pipes, which are too large for other processing are cut with hand torches, crane-mounted alligator shears, mobile or stationary guillotine shears. After being reduced to specific lengths or sizes, the scrap is then sold to those customers who can accommodate larger materials, such as steel mini-mills. The Company processes light-gauge ferrous metals, such as clips and sheet iron, and by-products from industrial manufacturing processes, such as stampings, clippings and excess trimmings, by baling these materials into large, uniform blocks. It uses cranes, and conveyors to feed the metal into hydraulic presses, which compress the materials into uniform blocks at high pressure.

Pure iron is resulted from shredding and separation of WEEE and contaminated aluminium scrap.

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By recycling 1 ton of scrap iron, the following savings are achieved:

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