Delivery charges

Description within Budapest from outside Budapest
For ADR transports extra charge is applied. For companies which are resident in Hungary actual invoicing is in HUF with additional 27% VAT applied. Prices in Eur are only indicatory and calculated at 365 HUF/Eur rate.
1 t loading disposition
40 Eur flat rate
5 t loading disposition
20 Eur/hour + 1 hour charge 1.10 Eur/km
24 t loading disposition
35 Eur/hour + 1 hour charge 1.70 Eur/km
stand by
1 hour charge
extra staff
10 Eur/hour 10 Eur/hour


tons of scrap processed per year


corporate customer


thousand km / year in collection


has been a major player in the market for years

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