Hazardous waste

Hazardous but valuable

Complex waste management

The hazardous waste management in the Inter-Metal Group’s strategy is based on that production and metal trading partners possible comprehensive waste management services We want to ensure.

Hazardous but cost efficient

The country has generated favorable purchase prices of all hazardous waste can be provided through the close contact we have the largest hazardous waste incinerator and landfill.
If we choose non-hazardous / recyclable wastes in addition to the treatment of hazardous waste, the prices are too good for coordination, management and administrative work of removing a substantial portion of your shoulders.
Hazardous waste management, environmental protection, please call our leader!

Lead acid batteries

We must not forget that hazardous waste is a significant value, recyclable materials. The valuable collection of waste and proper environmental management on the one hand, on the other hand economic interest.

Therefore focuses on the primary lead-acid batteries collection and utilization.
A piece of approximately 13 kg of waste car battery to the proper collection and treatment after 7 kg and 3 kg of lead recovered from plastic, while the acid is neutralized.

Depending on the amount of acid is placed in collection containers without charge or rental fee. Waste batteries offer industry-leading prices across the country. If battery waste, call an experienced dealers .

Electrical and electronic equipment

Containing hazardous waste from electrical and electronic equipment also contain valuable metals that are effective in obtaining supplies of raw material supplies, more and more urgent task. In addition, we strive for e-waste plastic components of the larger-scale recycling recycle.
The e-waste in connection with here for more information.

Take over industrial batteries
ADR delivery
Sews Hungary kábel hulladék partner
Hewlett Packard elektronikai hulladék partner
Media-Markt elektronikai hulladék fő beszállító
Magyar Telekom komplex hulladékkezelési szolgáltatások
Prysmian Csoport színesfém hulladék kiemelt partner
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