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Inter-Metal Group

Inter-Metal Recycling Kft.

Company Group Owner and CEO:
Gábor Vincze

Collecting and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap are the core activities of Inter-Metal Group. Its member companies hold permissions for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste in relation with metallic scrap like waste electronic and electric equipments (WEEE) and automotive catalysts.

The Company works on a 40.000 sqm yard including a 7.000 sqm covered workshop in Csepel island – in the southern part of the capital city of Budapest. Associate companies operate on Budapest-Rákospalota and at additional 3 settlements in the countryside (Polgár, Szekszárd, Csorna).

The associate companies do wholesale trading and offer services for manufacturing companies and major service providers of different industrial fields. Processed scrap is sold directly for smelters or metalworks in Hungary and other EU countries.

The company group is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

The scrap metal business worth 500-650 million Euro  in Hungary. The few hundreds of legal ventures process  1,6 million tonne of ferrous and 100 thousands tonne non-ferrous scrap yearly, employing several thousands of people.

We are members of the important institutions of this business field: of the FEAD member KSZGYSZ (Association of Environmental Enterprises), the Association of Hungarian Scrap Recyclers (HOSZ) and the Society of Metal Industries.

Vincze Gábor Inter-Metal méh telep ügyvezető tulajdonosa
Gábor Vincze


tons of scrap processed per year


corporate customer


thousand km / year in collection


has been a major player in the market for years

Business leaders

One of the keys to our success is the continuous training of our colleagues in the form of internal trainings and worshops held by external expert consultants.

Hartai Zoltán színesfém üzletágvezető

Zoltán Hartai

Non-ferrous Division manager
Pláner Lajos vashulladék üzletág vezetője

Lajos Pláner

Ferrous Division manager
Tihanyi Ervin elektronikai hulladék üzletágvezető

Ervin Tihanyi

WEEE Division manager

Our goal is to strive towards efficiently re-utilizing scrap materials making contribution to the sustainability of natural resources. It is our obligation to prevent hazardous waste from spreading into the environment as the protection of nature and the interest of humanity requests.

Vincze Gábor ügyvezető tulajdonos
Gábor Vincze
managing owner
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