Metal Trading Cluster

Dear Metal Traders,

All metal scrap traders possessing Metal Trade Licence can apply for the Cluster membership. There is no fee for  Cluster membership, neither any legal or business obligation towards the Cluster leader and members.

Our motto is that “We are stronger together.”

Members of the Inter-Metal group in the following regions may function as subsidiaries to maintain business relationships:

  • Central location throughout the country
  • Rákospalota site in the northern and eastern part of Budapest and Pest county
  • Polgár site in Northeast Hungary
  • Szekszárd site in Southwest Hungary
  • Csorna site in Northwest Hungary

The scope of business activities covers all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, WEEE,  waste batteries and waste automotive catalysts.

We offer the following benefits to Cluster members:

  • metal trade, waste management mentoring as needed
  • up-to date business information via newsletters
  • free metal analysis,  radiation measurement
  • tendering assistance
  • membership in a professional lobby club

For more information: Dr. Márton Vitányi

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